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What are the best financial tools for business?

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Yadu Prasad

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The financial side of any business requires never-ending management which can include everything from dealing with invoices to everyday accounting and expenses. But there are multiple financial tools which help us to save time and headaches regarding the handling of regular financial tasks. Here are some of those: 

Accounting Software

Software like QuickBooks is the gold standard for the accounting needs of small businesses, but there is online accounting software like Xero which are slowly gaining popularity of use. But the golden rule while buying any program is to ensure that it works for you and your business. For this, makes sure to look at your basic accounting tasks like expense tracking, invoicing recurring payments, taxes, payroll processing and such. 


The faster your billing process will be, the quicker the payments will also be processed and safe. This will ensure faster and smoother cash flow. You can use cloud-based billing programs like or FreshBooks to shorten the billing processes. 


Dashboard programs like InDinero or LivePlan will help in getting a picture of your business's financial status by tracking key performance indicators (KPI) to know whether your business is thriving instead of just surviving. 

Budgeting Tools

Making a budget, which is realistic, can be quickly followed and then sticking firmly to it is essential for the success of your business. So by your accounting software, you might be able to construct budgets without really needing a separate tool, but if you do need one, then there are tools like PlanGuru to check out. 

A Payroll Management Program

Any payroll management is time-consuming, and the chances of mistakes are bound to be higher. Systems like benefits and ZenPayroll will help in streamlining the process and eliminate a lot of inefficiencies which are costly for the business. But the two tools mentioned above are just two of many. There is also another program called SurePayroll which can calculate and pay state, local and federal payroll taxes automatically. 

Cash Flow Analysis

Having a tool which is specially made to track the cash flow of your business will help you be prepared for any form of financial issues. Tools like Float will assist in accurately measuring the cash flow regularly. 

All these tools will help in better managing your business and free you up so that you can pay personal attention to other significant areas of business like interacting with clients and such.


Sheetal Kamble

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To automate your financial management process  in your organization, check out these 10 financial tools for your small business.

Accounting Software.

Budgeting Tools. 

Payroll Management System

Financial Dashboard.

Cash Flow Analysis.

Inventory Management. 

Expense Tracking.


Anny Smith

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These are the top financial tools for every small and large business owner should try

  1. Invoicera  - Automate Invoicing and billing
  2. Wave - Accounting software
  3. Quickbooks - Expense Tracking
  4. SumoPayroll - Payroll management: 
  5. Zoho inventory - Inventory management


Harshita Joshi

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As a small business owner, I have had experienced many tools and software for finance management, reporting, and analysis.

I would recommend Invoicera as the best AR and AP management software for all sorts of businesses. This software comes with multiple perks, such as-

1. Multiple-staff management

2. One profit/ Loss statement

3. You can manage multiple clients in the same dashboard

4. Send and receive purchase orders.

5. Easily convert purchase orders into invoices.

6. Assign payment terms and track numbers to purchase orders and sales 

7. Invoices are hyperlinked to the original sale and purchase in the inventory module.

This tool makes financial management way easier and faster.

You can first try the free version of this tool here:


Jordan Jose

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I think Invoicera is the best finance management tool. It has amazing features, including Online invoicing, Project management, AR & AP management, expense management, etc. It helps the company to manage their cash flow efficiently.

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