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What are the best data analysis courses available online?


Bimla Dasgupta

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Data Analysis can be defined as the process which is used for the evaluation of data with application of analytical as well as logical reasoning for the examination of each section of the data given for analysis. The goal of data analysis is to discover important informationDemand for trained data analysts are in the industry, and one of the IT giants very recently predicted the fact that the industry will experience a hike of a 28% in the recruitment of data analyst in the coming time.  But in order to make a career in this sector what that is important for the candidates is enrollment in one of the best data analysis courses.  There are various courses which are offered by the leading online institutes which you can try.  We are recommending a few of those courses which we believe can give you the scope to gather required knowledge on the subject and an authorized certification for data analysis specialist. 

The Data Science Course 2019:

Complete Data Science Bootcamp; this course offers complete training on data science and covers subjects like Mathematics, Python, Statistics, machine and deep learning and also advanced statistics in Python.


Data Science SpecializationCoursera is one of the longest-existing online education provider for data science, via John Hopkins University. If you have the capability to afford the fee, then you are supposed to pay for the course plus certification fee.  The fee will be waived for those students who lack financial resources. 

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate: 

It is a 100% online course of beginner level covering master data science, SQL, Python and models of build machine learning. Upon completion of the course, shareable electronic Certificate will be issued.

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