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What are the best books for the architectural design process?


George Thomason

Aim Above the Mark to Hit the Mark

If you are pursuing your studies on architecture and willing to expand your knowledge and skills on architectural designing then here is the list of some books which are accessible to provide a guide on the architectural design process. 

1. Operative Design: A Catalogue of Spatial Verbs

 This is one of the famous architectural process design books which offers you with more knowledge on designs and process so that you can expand your skill. The book consists of the concepts of volumes, forms, and site analysis. 

 2. Design Strategies in Architecture

Author: Geoffrey H. Bake

 For gaining an excellent idea on the methodologies and strategies of architectural designs and concepts, this book can be the best choice for you. You can have bright ideas on the line drawings, organizational buildings, etc. while going through this book. 

 3. Le Corbusier - An Analysis of Form 

Author: Geoffrey Baker

 This is probably the best book on architectural design process where you can have almost all the information on the demonstration of concepts, environment, sites, and contexts. This book can be an excellent resource for your ultimate guide. 

 4. Yes is More

Author: Bjarke Ingels

 Being an architectural engineer, Bjarke Ingels provided all his concepts and design explanations in his famous book, and with the advancement of time, this book has become a great source of inspiration in the field of architect and designs. The explanations are very simply described with required diagrams for which it becomes more interesting for the readers.

 5. Conditional Design: An Introduction to Elemental Architecture

 As the name suggests, this book is an excellent source of information for the beginners to have detailed concepts on conditional designing and elemental architecture. The methods, applications, and diagrams are also clearly provided. 

6. Basics of Architectural Design

Author: Bert Bielefeld

 This book is solely written for the students of architecture and is a reliable guide for developing concepts on design process and stages of architecture. For the proper understanding of designs, they focus on materials, planning of floors, volume compilation, etc. 

7. Architecture: Form, Space, and Order 

Author: Francis D. K

 This book provides all the necessary and essential introductions to architectural designing, forms, space, site, light, sections, colors, order, etc.  You can have a more in-depth and proper understanding of all the required terminologies too.

8. Understanding Contemporary Buildings

Author: Antony Radford

 For a proper understanding of the principles and fundamentals of architecture and design process with exact definitions, this book can be your best choice. Here you can have a decent guide to ornamentation, circulation, fenestration, use of lights, massing, and volumes, etc. 

9. Design Strategies in Architecture

Author: Geoffrey H. Bake

This book has been written using a lot of historical references and evidence and provides a lot of information on architectural concepts, strategies, implementations and various details on the building organization, drawings, texts, etc.

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