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What are the best books for beginners on User Experience (UX) design?


Jane F. Wunsch

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If you are wondering which are some of the best user experience (UX) books for beginners, then here are few books that you can never afford to miss. They will provide you with easy guidance for the whole design process starting from raising ideas to user testing methods. What are you waiting for? Have a look at some of the important books.

If you are a beginner and wish to know in details about UX design then you must go for two books by Don Norman that is

  • The Designer of Everyday things
  • Emotional Design

These two books are just perfect to offer a strong base which is very helpful to make yourself familiar with UX. In contrast to popular belief, UX designs are not only limited to mobiles, web or anything which have digital interfaces. Instead, it is applicable everywhere. So, if you want to start with UX this book is just perfect.

1. 100 things every designer should know about people

This book will help you in avoiding some of the major problems while designing and in making a better UX. Like it will give you an idea on how many words a user might feel comfortable to read in a single go, or how much words you can read comfortably in a go, what are the readable fonts, and many such questions.

2. Don't make me think

By reading this book, again and again, you can become an expert designer from a beginner designer.

3. UXPin'sfree eBooks on UX design

If you want to know how to start with UX designing then it's better to go with this book. It provides a better flow of things along with topic wise chapters that makes you very much aware of whole things.

4. Designing interfaces

This is the best book for somebody who is stuck in the middle of the designing journey.

5. Design with Intent

Well, it is a book for who is from a non-designer background. If you want to know the power of design and its power in day to day lives, then this is the perfect book to get started with. This book also makes you know about all behavioral patterns which is one of the best ways to unlock new UX.

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