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What are the benefits of spending time with family?


Hema Sheshadri

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Family - the moment you come across the word, you will feel internal tranquility reigning your souls. A cluster of mortals settled under the same roof - the word is worthy of a much better definition.

A family bestows upon each of its members, a feeling of reassurance from suffering the harrowing burden of life in seclusion. Regardless of how much solitude you desiderate throughout the day, be it for work, or any other reason, the night will see you thinking of your family, pine for your family members (if you are not home) or enjoying an arcadian sleep when you know that they are all here, rooms and corridors away.

People obsessed with Netflix and popcorns in complete solitude out there - you may need to lend an ear here because you should know what importance does a family have in one's life:

  • Strengthens bondings
    Spending some family time every day acquaints us well with the likes, dislikes, dispositions, etc. of our dear ones and that is trussed us together. Bonding with family even has a scientific benefit of increasing life expectancy.

  • The first school
    Kids learn values and envisage the essence of togetherness with time. They learn to be self-reliant. It is a family that inculcates morals and ethics in their minds that turn out to be essential in their academic and professional interactions such as humility, kindness, trustworthiness, gratitude, etc.

  • A place for fostering positive demeanor
    This has substantial importance when puberty hits kids. Adolescence is the age of making mistakes, facing trials and tribulations, and life is a turbulent ocean for them. The family must guide them to weed out the wrong from the right.

  • Makes the archetypal social group
    Have been musing on how does a quintessential society look like? Well peep through your house doors, you will get the idea. 

  • The perfect guide when life is in shambles 
    Irrespective of age, every member may go through a tough time with decision makings at some point in his or her life and get vexed. Discussing the problems with the family members eases out the situation and also digs a tunnel through to get out of it.


We never fathom out the importance of anything before we feel its absence. That is not something very intelligent of us though. So, we should never get too busy with our own lives that we forget to give a peek into the other lives that are being lived around us under one roof. That is bound to make us pay. Learn from your family, love them, spend time with them, crack jokes, laugh and dine together. That's life. Netflix, phone, and headphones aren't.

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