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What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?


Madhu Mannen

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What is AI?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of science dealing with machines to find solutions to complex problems in a more human way.
  • This involves implementing characteristics from human intelligence and using them as algorithms in the computer-generated world.

Let us now discuss the importance, applications, and benefits of AI

Intrusion Detection

One of the widest uses of Artificial Intelligence is in the fields of Security. Cybercrime is a very common problem in today’s era of the internet. So we can prevent any unauthorized access to the internet with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The algorithm records the commands of the user and the time interval, and create a pattern out from the collected data. 

Any irregular pattern will be detected by the system, and the user will be barred from using the device.

Language Translation

Artificial Intelligence is used to translate languages. In the case of seminars and business trips, where delegates come from different backgrounds, having a different mother tongue, to translate ideas translators are required. But hiring translators can be costly, and it takes a lot of time.

If an algorithm performs the same function, it’ll be cost-efficient and faster.

Military Purpose

One of the most crucial uses of Artificial Intelligence is in the fields of defense. 

The drones which are used to track enemy activity in stealth mode, run on advanced Artificial Intelligence. The target detection of the missiles uses Artificial Intelligence, to be able to hit the target with almost 100% precision.

Almost all the latest defense equipment are equipped with Artificial Intelligence which significantly improve their efficiency and performance.

Difficult Explorations

Exploring deep mines and underground vents for fossil fuels and minerals are is a very job and is often fatal.

Exploration robots guided by Artificial Intelligence now perform the same thing.

The work time reduced and the casualties rate has decreased tremendously.

Medical Diagnosis 

Another widely implemented use of Artificial Intelligence is in the fields of medical diagnosis.

These days Artificial Intelligence guided robots are used to perform critical operations, in lesser time and with much higher precision.

Artificial Intelligence changed our way of living, making our everyday work more comfortable and more accurate.

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