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What are the basic constitutional laws that people are not aware of?


Prabha Yadev

Life is but a walking shadow

Judiciary plays the most vital role in the constitution and administration of a country. Laws are such a set of rules which are developed to maintain order and system. Where in India, there are lots of laws and amendments created since the past till now, on the other hand, there are more than 70% of the population who are not at all aware of the essential laws which preside in the country. It is not easy to know and learn all the laws together, but there are certain laws which are not only important to know for your daily lives but also can let you cope up with various difficult situations by yourself. Here are some of the constitutional laws which are very crucial, but you are not aware of.

1. Constitutional laws related to women:

According to the national code of conduct, no police officer can arrest a female convict after evening 6 o’ clock till the next morning at 6 o’clock. If you find any such incident, you can report. Moreover, the arrest of a female convict should always be performed by a female police officer or a lady constable. A female convict can also not be kept in a P.S. lock up for more than eight hours and also with any either gender convicts. A court case is required to be filed within eight hours, and it is mandatory.
According to the Hindu Law, a woman or the bride has full rights on the gifts, jewelry, money and everything which is being given to her from both her parent’s and well as the in-law’s side. These are called Streedhan. If somehow, a woman is getting divorced, she has the rights to take back everything with her.

If a woman is pregnant, she has the full right to ask for respective leaves as granted by the agreement of the contract. A company can never fire a woman during her pregnancy.

2. Constitutional laws on relationship

India has still not declared the live-in relationship as a legal form of relationship. But at the same time, if a child is borne out as a result of a live-in relationship, then he/she has equal rights on the parent’s property.

Premarital sex is not at all illegal if both the partners have mutual consents. In this case, the age of the partners should be more than 16.

3. Civil constitutional laws

A person who is driving a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler can be arrested even without a warrant if his/her blood alcohol level is found to be more than 30 mg per100 ml.

 Constitution strictly resists more than two persons while riding in a two-wheeler and wearing helmets by both the riders are mandatory.

You can never wear a helmet while entering inside an ATM and your face should be visible in front of the CCTV camera.

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