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What are the applications of Virtual Reality?

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Vicky Sen

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Virtual reality is the new big thing today. This brand new technology has a strong impact on the lives of the people. If you thought that the application of virtual reality is only restricted to games, you are very wrong. The technology is known to have several applications in human lives. However, chances are most of you are not aware of the applications of virtual reality.

Virtual reality is one of the most dominating technologies that has been introduced to us. Since, the time it has been launched in the market, it has received quite a great response. Even though the technology is still under development, it has received quite a lot of popularity from the people. It is expected that the technology has a long way to go and it will have a more serious role to play in the coming future.

Applications of Virtual Reality

As already mentioned before, virtual reality has several applications which you may not know about. It is used by various industries for various reasons. Many big industries are known to invest millions of dollars in the development of technology. Some of the main applications of virtual reality include;


Yes, Virtual reality is also used in surgery. The first VR based surgery was used on a cancer patient in 2016. This clearly shows how the use of VR is going to transform the phase of the medical industry. Surgeons are learning to use the new technology for the betterment of the medical industry.


VR is also used by the armed forces. Many of the militaries have adopted the use of VR for their operations. It is known to have benefitted them in some ways. Militaries can train for the most dangerous of situations with the help of VR technology.


Even the gaming industry is known to make use of VR technology to provide users with a completely new gaming experience. If you have used the technology you would know, how great and satisfying it is to play with VR.


You can even use the VR technology while watching movies. This improves your overall movie watching experience.

VR technology has transformed the way we perceive the world. It challenges the existence of reality. The technology is expected to have a wide scope for itself.

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You must be familiar with the words Virtual Reality (VR) but are you aware of the uses of this technological advancement. Gaming is one of the significant areas that showcase the huge influence of VR and its concepts. However, there is an array of applications of VR that is transforming the world for the better. 

Let’s take a look at some of these applications. 

Military - Virtual Reality has its application across the army, navy, and air force to train soldiers for combat situations or any other dangerous settings. Military uses VR for medic training (battlefield), virtual boot camp, and simulations like flight, battlefield, and vehicle. 

Healthcare - Medical facilities and physicians have adopted VR to offer efficient skillset training, promote surgery simulation, and in-detail diagnostics. Robotic devices, virtual diagnostic tools, and simulation software is making treatment procedures easier. 

Business - VR has emerged as a cost-effective way to design and develop products & services for businesses across the globe. It’s helping businesses train their new employees, offer a 360-degree view of their products, and organize virtual tours.

Construction - VR technology is playing a key role in the construction industry with its 3D rendering capabilities. It not only helps to test the viability of a building but also assists employees and other construction workers to explore it inside-out.

Education - Education is another sector that is using VR to augment its teaching and learning settings. Today, educational institutes are allowing large groups of students to interact with each other as well as within a 3D environment at ease.

Sports - VR is used as a training aid in various sports like cycling, golf, etc. With the help of this technology, athletes can measure and fine-tune certain aspects of their performance. It’s also used in the design of sporting clothes and equipment. 

Fashion - Virtual Reality is used by the fashion industry in a variety of ways that include fashion shows in Second Life, VR software for building virtual fashion stores, 3D fashion portfolios, and 3D avatars (virtual humans) to help with clothes design. 

Entertainment - The entertainment sector has also adopted VR technology to introduce the masses to virtual museums, interactive galleries, virtual theme parks, discovery centers, theatres, and much more.

Apart from all the above, there are other areas such as Engineering, Media, Telecommunications, Heritage, etc. that are leveraging the power of virtual reality to extend their global reach. And only time can tell what more applications of this technology would come to the rescue.

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