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What are the applications of power electronics?


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Power Electronics deals with all the processes involving the use of solid-state electronics aimed at control and the conversion of electrical power. For example, Rectifier is one of the most widely used power electronics device used for AC/DC conversion.

The application of Power Electronics has increased considerably with the increase in trends like electrification and renewable energies.

Let us now highlight the importance of Power Electronics in our day to day life.

  • Everyday life: 

    From the beginning, till the time we get back to sleep, power electronics devices are crucial in our daily life. Induction Cookers, air conditioners, UPS, fan speed regulators, personal computers, light dimmers, television sets, etc. use the concept of power electronics to make our life easier.

  • Industries: 

    The application of power electronics in industries is endless. 

  1.  Advanced semiconductor devices such as a thyristor, GTO, IGBT, IPM uses the concepts of power electronics.

  2.  Power Electronics is used to provide uninterrupted power supply to express trains and big robots like a robotic arm etc.

  3.  They are used in Variable Speed Drive of an induction motor.

  4.  Almost all significant motors and devices like rolling mills, compressors, pumps, fans, arc furnace, heating applications, emergency power systems, is based on power electronics.

  • Renewable Energy Devices:

     Devices like solar panels require a power conditioning system, power storage system, a power conversion system, for working correctly. The solar panels stores and generates DC power but we need AC power as all our household appliances. So power electronics do the process. Power Electronics play the role of converting DC power into AC power.

  • Defense: 

    Almost all the defense equipment like satellites, missiles, uncrewed aerial vehicles, uses Power Electronics for efficient working.

  • Aerospace: 

    Power electronics finds its applications in the advanced control system of space shuttles, power supplies in aircraft, satellites, etc.

  • Automobile Industries:

     The use of Power electronics are:

  1.  Electronic components like silicone based power MOSFETs, IGBTs, etc. are used as power electronic switches and also helps in masking any thermal issues.

  2.  Car entertainment systems, telematics, etc. are based on power electronics.

  3.  Power electronics are used in all the different automobile components like SMPS, onboard charger, DC-DC converter, Traction Inverter, etc.

  • Utility Systems: 

    Static Circuit Breakers, High Voltage DC transmission, VAR compensation, FACTS, smart grids, generator excitation systems, etc. all are based upon power electronics.

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