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What are the applications of Augmented Reality?


Vicky Sen

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Augmented reality has been there for years; however, the use of it has increased in the past few years. It was with the development of smartphones like ios and android that augmented reality became so popular. In simple words, augmented reality can be defined as the technology that makes use of the combination of real-world and virtual reality in the form of video imagery. The video imagery is digitally enhanced with the use of computer-generated graphics. To experience AR, you need the aid of headsets and mobile devices.

Applications of AR

As you already know, AR has been made popular with the introduction of smart devices. Today, AR is used for various purposes. Some of the main applications of AR include;

  • Military uses

The military is known to make use of what is called the Heads-Up Display (HUD). This is one of the most important applications of AR in the military field. A transparent display is placed in front of the pilot’s view which displays information like airspeed, altitude, and the horizon line. The pilot doesn’t have to look down at the instrumentation of the aircraft to check the details. All the information is displayed on the transparent screen in front of his eyes.

  • Games

AR is also used in games like Pokemon Go. The attractive central part of AR in games is that the developers nicely combine the real world with the game characters. This is the varying ability of AR technology. It provides you with better gaming experience. Big gaming companies are coming up with games with AR.

  • Car machines

Even the automobile industry is not left out from the grip of AR. Many of the automobile companies are making use of AR to provide their customers with a more interactive and better shopping experience. Some apps help the customers to view their automobile in-store and customize it according to their wish. All this can be done from the ease of a smartphone. This is only one of the examples of AR applications in the automotive industry; otherwise, there are many more things too including AR helmets.

In short, it can be said that AR is extensively used by almost all the industries of the world. It has a lot of benefits to offer.

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