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What are the advantages of biotechnology?


Vicky Sen

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Biotechnology is one of the major branches of science which makes use of living organisms to conduct different experiments. Such experiments may be for various fields like genetics, medicine or microbiology. If we need to discuss the advantages of biotechnology, there are many to share. The typical benefits of biotechnology cover the treatment of infectious diseases, making efficient fuels and enhancement of farming yields for feeding many people. 

Biotechnology is empowered to give living beings including human’s good health, enhances the sustainability of the environment and also improves the quality of farm and consumer communities. We can call Biotechnology as one of the most important developing and evolving a dynamic industry yet. This industry is making a considerable contribution to the field of economics, health and also in the environmental sector. The use of biotechnology delivers both positive as well as negative impacts, and we need to take advantage of the positive results to lower down negative implications.  So here are some of the significant advantages of biotechnology which are recognized by the world:

1.    It can bring improvement in health and supports in reducing hunger: Biotechnology supported in improving all nutritional ingredients of the human food supply. With its use, we can now make the production of vitamins as well as minerals in croplands.  It will help in reducing health issues which are due to lack of nutrients. 

2.    It improves the level of flexibility present in the food chain: Biotechnology supports croplands in crop production which will be difficult under the “regular” agricultural conditions. It assisted in growing crops even in the desert lands.

3.    Supported in medical advancement: Biotechnology in medicine has created a great opportunity for improvement. It helped in understanding any critical genetic diseases and any specific forms of cancers. It paved the way for creating some of the most effective treatments for treating such disorders.

4.   Eco-friendly products:  Biotechnology helps in the production of eco-friendly items. Such a product offers several benefits to humans, along with environmental benefits. One major advantage of, an eco-friendly item is that it reduces damages caused to the environment. 

5.  BioFuel: A gift of this science is biofuel. It is one of the popular altered versions of fuel. It is good for reducing greenhouse emission of gas which is considered very bad for the ozone layer. 

6.  Empowering transportation: Biotechnology covers effective ways of introducing more fuel-efficient ways to enable transportation.

7.  Reducing waste and application of less energy and water: Industrial biotechnology methods introduced some systematic processes which can encourage less waste. It also paved the way to make use of less power as well as water in various industries.

This is not the end of the list of advantages that we can get from biotechnology.  It managed to reduce the level of infections with engineered curesIt dramatically managed to minimize the need for fertilizer for plants and made them capable of natural resistance power against pests, fungus, and bacteriaIt educated us about the ways transmission of the infectious disease takes place so that we can restrict their transmissions.

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