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What are some upcoming breakthroughs in deep learning?


Rose M Domingo

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In the past few years, deep learning has brought a huge number of changes. Experts are making use of deep learning to introduce more and more new applications that are based on the same. Fields such as finance, healthcare, human resources, earthquake detection, and self-driving cars are making extensive use of deep learning. For an individual practitioner or a developer, it is important to stay updated on the latest deep learning breakthroughs in the market.

Breakthroughs in deep learning you should know;

Here are some major advances that have been made in the field of deep learning.

  1. Generating text
    Neural networks have been improved to generate texts. Not just that, but it has been made able to paraphrase readily available texts as well. This could eventually result in a machine writing the next best novel in the future. The output text results are continuously improving, and it is expected to reach greater heights in the years to come.
  2. Language translation
    With the help of deep learning, researchers have hypnotized the ways a computer will translate languages. Using language translation, a sentence will be translated into its underlying meaning. The sentences are transformed from words into its meaning. This is the result of good architecture that has the ability to deal with sequences.
  3. Medical imaging
    With the help of machine learning, a huge amount of data can be processed within a very short time. Also, this information can be much more precise than what a human is capable of. It can even spot the smallest details possible.
    Deep learning capabilities are taught to find out hidden symptoms of other illnesses which may not get detected by the medical examiner in the first place. On the other hand, other networks of deep learning have acquired a 100% accurate score in detecting some of the deadliest forms of breast cancer in biopsy reports.
  4. Clinical decision support
    Another important breakthrough of deep learning is that it can help make better decisions in comparison to humans when it comes to the proliferation of CDS tools.

These are only a few of the advances or breakthroughs made in the field of deep learning. There exists more which you can find on the net.

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