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What are some things that mechanical engineers know and others don't?


Zara Pandya

Be scared and do it anyway

Mechanical Engineers play an essential role in shaping all those technologies which are making our lives easier. They play a major role in the research, analysis, development, and modification associated with different types of equipment like vehicular engines, robotics, etc. They also take active roles in the production of powerful tools that are required in different other sectors of the industries.

There are many things which are dedicated to the field of mechanics only, i.e. they have a few specific knowledge and experiences which others don’t.

Let us discuss few of such things which are dedicated to the world of mechanics only.

  • Multi-Knowledge
    The mechanical engineers are multi-skilled. They are the only engineers with knowledge in multiple fields like computer application, principles of electronics and electrical, knowledge of structures, concepts of mathematics, physics, different concepts in sociology, environmental studies, economic factors, etc.
    Mechanical engineering covers a wide array of different other engineering fields. In simple words, mechanical engineering can be considered as the jack of all trades.

  • Designing
    From simple designing of the chips called pringles-which are designed in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid, which prevents even the bottom-most chip from cracking to the designing of aerodynamic cars, mechanical engineering has it all.

  • Lesser known concepts
    Mechanical engineering covers several concepts which are not taught in any other branches of engineering. Some of such concepts are;

    1. Joule-Thomson Effect
      This principle states that when a gas is released from a high-pressure region into a low-pressure region, it becomes cooler and vice versa.
       A simple demonstration for this effect is: Bring your palm near to your mouth and blow air towards your palm with your mouth wide open. You’ll feel the air to be warm. Now, repeat the same, but with your lips pursed, you’ll feel that the air is cooler. This effect is also known as throttling, which is used mainly in the refrigeration process.
    2. Creep ( Cold Flow)
      Creep is the permanent deformation or the flow of solids under the effects of constant mechanical stresses over a long duration of time.
  • Widest array of careers to choose from
    According to the study reports made by CUG Course Chooser, mechanical engineering offers more than 800 fields to choose from.

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