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What are some subtle things people do that kill their charisma?


Supriya Daanish Thakur

Take the risk or lose the chance

Personality is a trait by which a human being is defined. It has been already proved that personality is not entirely an inborn entity, but it can be developed or acquired as well. People try a lot to make their character full of charisma. Charismatic personality attracts almost all the people around you. You may try a lot to develop it, but you may not be sure that there may be certain things you are continually going on doing unconsciously that may kill your charisma. Below is a list of such behaviors which you should avoid if you want to maintain it:

1. A charismatic person always tries to be independent and progressive rather than depending on others for even simple things. If you are always relying on others for making decisions or still expect that even for small necessities others will help you, you are killing your charisma. Independence does not mean that you will never take help from others. In many cases taking advice from others is an intelligent decision. But you need to understand the way first by yourself. If there is a situation that others are seeking your advice for help, you may think that you are a highly charismatic person.

2. There may be situations in life that you are feeling extremely stressed and tired. But if you want to carry your charisma in front of others, never make yourself look down and stressed. As soon as people come to know about this position, you may lose a point. There is a different way to express your tiresome times by delivering a few and explicit messages that may help you out to relax as well as balance your personality.

3. Be very careful before you make any conclusion or rather judge others. A judgemental mentality is enough to kill one’s charisma. Listen to others carefully and speak or act according to your conscience but always be non-judgemental. 

4. Try to move on and tackle all the tough situations of life. Whatever comes in your way, you cannot avoid your responsibility. Avoiding tough conditions or escaping from the trusts is a reason which kills your charisma. 

5. Sometimes people always want to feel and make others think that they are the only one who is superior and right and never let others speak. They keep their doors of ears and eyes closed. Again some people always feel inferior to others and express that through their body language.  These things kill your charisma. Be a learner, listen to others, admit your mistakes and communicate your thought confidently.

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