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What are some network security devices?


Vicky Sen

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Devices that are meant to deliver this security are a mix of software and hardware technologies. When applied to the network, such technologies can manage all access to that particular network, target and eliminate threats, and ensure that the network is updated. Listed here are some commonly used network security devices. 


The oldest and most popular tools, they create a barrier between an internal network and the untrusted ones outside it. They are programmed with predefined protocols or rules that allow or block traffic as required. Firewalls can be only hardware, only software or even a mix of both. Next-generation firewalls have enhanced security services like application control and visibility, web security features and more. 


This helps block and remove all identified malware. The difference with malware tools used for networks is that the administrator can customize the policies to their liking. This comes in handy when checking unknown sources for malware properties through the surveillance of groups, incoming files, and users too. 

NAC or Network Access Controls: 

These products offer a higher level of security by allowing access to permitted devices. That is, the access controls grant access to other devices that are compliant or recognized by the security policies. Using these controls, network administrators can handle all functions connected with authentication; authorization of all devices seeking access to data saved on that network and even controls how they use that data. Network Access Controls also have the ability to identify devices, users and the network roles they’ve been assigned. 

MDM or mobile device management: 

This is software installed on the network administrator’s computers. This tool is also used for improving overall security by controlling or monitoring security configurations given to mobile devices. It can even be used to install patches and enforce new policies. Administrators can even use MDM tools to lock devices that have been lost, stolen and can even wipe all confidential data from them when they’ve been compromised.

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