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What are some IoT applications in healthcare?

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Melinda Celue

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The Internet of Things (IoT) offered a new world that is full of possibilities, especially for the healthcare industry.  With the help of IoT applications and the internet, even the most ordinary medical machines can capture valuable additional data, besides offering extra information on the symptoms as well as trends, thereby giving patients better control of their lives along with treatment.

•    Smart continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and insulin pens: A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is one of the best devices using IoT applications which helps the diabetics for making continuously monitoring of patients' blood glucose levels and that too for several days constantly, by capturing readings at intervals regularly. 

•    Medication Dispensing Device by Philips: Because of this device designed by Philips which makes the application of IoT, patients will stay safe from missing a dose of their medication anymore. It is a perfect device for elderly patients who due to age forget taking medicine on time.

•    UroSense by Future Path Medical: This device is by Future Path Medical and specially designed for catheterized patients. It helps in checking their actual body temperature as well as urine output.

•    REFLEX By Kinetic: The company designed a workplace wearable that is designed for the purpose of improving the level of worker safety via biofeedback. It is good for firms whose employees need to do work which involves bending, lifting and twisting. When a worker bends in the wrong posture it provides feedback with light vibration indicating improper movement which may lead to causing injury. 

Apart from the above IoT applications in healthcare, there are various other applications that are used for Heart Monitors Reporting, Medical Alert Systems, Ingestible Sensors, Wireless Sensors, and Tractable Inhalers.  You can search online to get more information about such valuable applications of IoT in healthcare.

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Maryna Bobrovskaya

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There are a few IoT applications in healthcare:

  • Health Monitoring - smart devices can track health conditions. IoT applications can send an emergency signal in case the patient has an asthma attack/heart attack, etc.
  • Better Patient Experience - IoT in medical field improves the healthcare system, providing patients with a comfortable way to get in touch with doctors. 
  • Drug Management - IoT software allows controlling the amount of taken meds.
  • Healthcare Automation
  • Preventive Healthcare.

To learn more about the benefits of IoT in healthcare, read this article:


Torah Bright

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IoT has become widely used in healthcare app development. Wearable devices track and collect necessary information and transmit it to the system. Unsurprisingly, the sales of fitness trackers are expected to generate $2.57 billion in 2018

Nowadays IoT goes even further by empowering clinics in administrative time-management and suggesting patient treatments.

I thought that this page  can be a good addition to your article since it covers a lot of ground about the benefits of healthcare app development for the healthcare industry and particularly for patients and doctors.


Alexey P

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As I know fitness trackers and all apps that analysis its data are related to healthcare.

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Healthcare challenges have created new requirements for healthcare providers to successfully deliver high quality healthcare services. IoT with its set of benefits such as enabling real-time monitoring, providing a more mature and effective solution to collect patient data, and tracking the activities of patients and staff meet the new requirements such as.

  • Get a better understanding of patient’s medical condition in a series of “phases” and complex care needs
  • Advanced health system focused on modern treatment approach and healthcare delivery system design
  • Clinical information system to provide decision support
  • A well-structured ongoing care program designed by a multidisciplinary team

IoT in healthcare is helpful at different phases of patient and healthcare system interaction. The first phase begins when the patient make their call to the hospital for booking appointments or directly visiting the hospital in case of emergencies.

From then on, real-time monitoring of patient’s condition to intelligent medical devices connected to a smartphone application, healthcare providers can get required health data that a physician can use to analyze the patient’s condition and plan better treatment.

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