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What are some good online sources for learning UI and UX design?


Ajay Bhai Brar

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The cyber-world has flourished tremendously in the past few years, and it revolutionized our way of thinking and problem-solving. One such field where rapid developments are taking place is, UI/UX Designing. Before discussing the main topic, let us first discuss what UI/UX Designing is.

UI stands for User-Interface while UX stands for User-Experience. Both UI and UX are essential components for the development of different IT products (digital products) like websites and web-pages. 

Let us now discuss some of the best online sources to learn UI/UX designing.

  • CareerFoundry

    One of the best UI/UX learning platform for the freshers. It provides the right amount of information without any unwanted modules. The candidate can learn UI/UX design at their own pace and complete the course within 6-10 months.

    Website Link: 

  • Coursera

    One of the best online platforms for learning professional courses, Coursera provides the best-selected courses for mastering UI/UX designing. Candidates can select from enormous courses depending on their current knowledge level and complete the given assignments at their own pace to master the skills within a few months.

    Website Link:

  • Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

    One of the best-rated platforms to master UI/UX designing. IDF offers top-rated courses taught by experts and also grant certificated which are in demand in the industry.

    Website Link:

  • Treehouse

    One of the most reliable online platform to master coding and designing. Treehouse offers a vast number of professional courses in which the candidates can take-up and make themselves ready for the industry.

    Website Link:  

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