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What are some Deep Learning applications that excite you the most?


Vicky Sen

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In the last few years, time application of Deep Learning was done for solving several hundreds of issues, starting from the computer vision to the natural processing of language. In several cases, Deep Learning managed to outperform earlier work. You can see the application of deep learning for both academia for studying intelligence and also in the industry for building intelligent systems for assisting humans in several tasks.

We cannot deny the fact that Deep Learning emerged out as one of the most talked and researched topics on the subject of data science in very recent times. Truly speaking, deep learning deserves this much attention and that is because of the recent breakthroughs made in data science which are the results of deep learning. Many researchers already predicted the fact that several applications of deep learning will affect the lives of humans in the coming future. To be honest deep learning already managed to make an impact. There are few deep learning applications which are going to excite you sure shot.

  • Colorize black and white photos with the application of Deep Learning: 
    Automatic Image Colorization turned out to be a topic of serious interest among the community who believes in computer vision. If you want to bring color in a black and white photo, with the application of deep learning computer system it can automatically help in restoring back the colors in B&W photos.
  • Building a ChatBot: 
    A chatbot can be defined as an agent who can respond like humans at the time of answering common questions. It acts as an excellent point of contact for customers and responds to their queries or questions in a fast and prompt manner.
  • Language recognition: 
    Machines of Deep learning are now capable to differentiate dialects of any language. First, the machine recognizes that an individual is speaking in the English language and then it engages an AI which is in learning mode to distinguish the differences existing between dialects. After the dialect is recognized, another AI will come in which is specialized in that specific dialect. The surprising fact is that each of these things will happen without even involving any single human in the process.

The above are 3 deep learning applications which actually excite many people. But this is not the end of the list as there are several other exciting applications of deep learning which will make you spellbound.

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