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What are some common tactics people use to win arguments?


John C. Brown

Focus on the good

An argument is a normal part of life which may create a quite hectic and challenging situation. You may face an argument with anyone starting from your parents, relatives, friends, the loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, boss, anybody!
In such a situation, you may never know what kind of mental harms you are facing inside like an increase in blood pressure, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc. There are two types of people during the argument. The one who tries to stay away from arguments at any cost and the other who desperately goes on arguing being stubborn to win the argument at any cost. Here are some common tactics people use to win arguments:

1. A person who makes sure to win the argument at any cost will continuously go on speaking at a louder voice just not to let the other person speak. He/she is not ready to listen to the other person. Instead, the person starts to think about what to say after what is said. His/her brain is going on thinking new things to speak one after another. There are only two things which go around the person's mind- either win or loss.

2. People desperately loses the sense of empathy, and compassion while they try to win the argument. They become judgemental and keep on throwing the thoughts and conclusion on the issues on which he/she is speaking and also on the person to who the person is speaking. For them, strategies are a priority.

3. While winning arguments, people become highly defensive in their part. For them, whatever the opposite person is going to say or speaking is meant to attack which he/she definitely would not like to stand. They never want to understand whether it is a piece of advice or a lesson or anything else. For the defense, they constantly try to speak out certain things to defeat the opponent. 

4. Another tactic used by such people to win an argument is to change the topic or the subject which is currently the central issue of a discussion. Whenever he/she finds that the points and clues placed by them are turning to be weak, they cannot bear to be silent or to lose. The best way he/she finds to win is to change the subject matter.

5. Some people make use of emotions like shedding tears, throwing swords of emotional dialogues, reminding of relationships, warning or threating to harm himself/herself or leave the house, etc. This way, they try to win the arguments.

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