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What are some careers in sports management?


Hema Sheshadri

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Love watching IPL or following the NFL? To be part of your favorite sports doesn’t need you to become a player. You can take up sports management which is equally an exciting world that opens up plenty of opportunities for those who like to be on the field playing their favorite game.

Here are a few career options that you can consider under sports management.

1. Sports agents
The agents who act as a bridge between the players and the outer world, helping to shape up the professional career of the athletes. Sports agents are also responsible for handling the endorsement deals, their contracts, monetary benefits and more. The remuneration will depend on the sportsperson they are working for and the experience they have in the game.

2. Sports psychologist
An area which explores the connection between the physical and psychological aspects affecting the performance of a player in any sport is what you will be doing as a Sports Psychologist.  From athletic teams to premier leagues, a psychologist plays a crucial role in the buildup of a team. The job involves counseling athletes after a break or injury, rehabilitation of athletes suffering from injuries and ensuring that they return victoriously.

3. Sports broadcaster
If you have the voice and the charm to speak about your favorite sports on TV or radio, then this is just the career for you. You need to have a penchant for being in the spotlight, and you also need a charming personality. The biggest advantage is that you can focus on the game that you love the most and pursue a career in the same. Additionally, you can also work backstage if you don’t like being in the limelight.

4. Sports event manager
Your role would involve identifying the target audience and the brand's fans can connect with, planning the event venue, taking care of staff, maintenance, coordination and multiple other facets of events around the sporting event. Based on your experience and your involvement in the field, your remuneration will continue to rise.

There are plenty of other options to pursue a career in sports management. To be able to grow in this field, you need different skills from people management to communication. You can also get yourself an advanced education to improve your skill sets as there is a lot of competition in finding yourself a footing.

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