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What are my civil rights?


Nupoor Mahadev

Keep going and never look back

We all know about the Civil Law structure, its types and its method of giving Justice to the victim.

But do we exactly know what all Civil Rights we are having? I am sure most of us are still not aware of every Civil Right that we have.

To enjoy our freedom, we must know our all rights first.

That is exactly what my motive to convey in this article.

Civil Rights – A short word with a useful meaning, necessary to have a fair environment with proper equality and freedom in society and our country.

The Objective of Civil rights is the development of the individuals and protection from all kinds of discriminations (such as gender, cast, sexual or color).

Listed below are the Civil Rights of Indians, that every citizen should know and understand.

•    Right to Life – this right ensures the safety of the life of the citizens.

•    Right to Family Life – everyone has the right to choose his/her partner, to get married.

•    Right to Education – this right ensures proper education to every individual of the country.

•    Right to Freedom – everyone has the right to Personal Freedom and can do anything he/she wants but in some foundations. Your freedom must not harm anyone.

•    Right to Religious Freedom – everyone has the right to choose the religion of their choice.

•    Freedom of Thought and Expression – every citizen has the Right to express and share their thoughts and views.

•    Right to Freedom of Movement – everyone can move anywhere in the country or outside whenever they want, they have the freedom to move.

•    Freedom of Press – you can express your feelings and views and even free to print it on Newspapers and Magazines.

•    Right to Equality – the government has granted equal rights to everyone, of any caste, color, religion or age.

•    Right to Justice – every citizen of the country has the right to be protected by Justice through the court.

Above mentioned are the Civil Rights of an individual that you all must be aware of so that you can fight for yourself in any difficult circumstance and no one can harm you ever.

The dignity of these rights should always be maintained. Its time to start living in a stress-free and fair society.

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