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Should girls be allowed to join boy sports?


Sarin Hassan

There is strength in silence

Yes, we the girls should be allowed to play all kinds of sports. It's easy for people to divide the games according to genders, and they do so. Scientifically, I agree that women are less strong than men, but that shouldn't be the reason for women not to take part in any sport of their choice. Not all man is well fit for all the sports. You make your body prepared for the game, you practice, and you work out.

We grow in an environment where men think that women can't do certain jobs. The gender comes in between, which is unreasonable.

 For example, I wanted to play football for the longest time during my high school. Unfortunately, I shifted from Gujarat to Karnataka and missed my shot at playing football. Here, it wasn't as easy as to play there. It took me a lot of time to adjust to the fact that women are not given equal opportunities.  Women should be given a fair chance at everything. And that should start by letting them take part in any sport that they'd like to.

What people don't understand is that when you deny women of something that she wants to do, you not only shatter her dreams but you also lower her confidence and self-esteem. The society must be more giving and encouraging towards the fact that women are as important as the men in this society.

“Boys have bigger bones than girls", this is something every teenage girl has to listen to when she wants to do something out of everyone's expectations.  The change must be from within, from every single person, to normalize the fact that girls must get equal chances to show what they're worth.

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