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Safety precautions when handling chemicals?


Arden Yook

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It is imperative to take some basic caution while dealing with chemicals. Health & Safety should never be comprised while dealing with toxic substances like chemicals. No matter, whether it is a chemistry lab, or there is some chemical at home, precautions are the must. Even some daily use products also consist of hazardous chemicals in them. These products may include tile cleaners, oven cleaners, toilet- bowl cleaner, gasoline, antifreeze, rust removers, thinner and other such acids. Thus, chemicals are not only in laboratories but at home also. Keep on reading to know about the precautions to take while handling chemicals.

Don’t use the liquid you don’t know

Chemicals are extensively used in almost every other liquid product that we use in our day to day lives. Thus, go through the ingredient list of such products before using. There are labels in such products that instruct the ways to handle emergencies while using. It is highly suggested to use a product according to the ‘how to use?’ Instructions. Along with that stay alert while using and learning about dangers of the chemical will be a plus point.

Get the Gloves

During the use of chemicals hand are the nearest contact and the chances of liquid getting spilled are also there. So, one must use safety gloves as a precaution, and it is also essential to get the right pair. The quality of gloves too matters in these cases. One thing that should be kept in mind is that here gloves doesn’t mean regular gloves. Some special gloves are used in labs, and one can quickly get them at pharmacists.

Safety-related to respiration

Many chemicals appear to be highly toxic if someone breathes them in. That’s the reason why scientists wear masks in the laboratories. Gases like ammonia, chlorine and carbon monoxide could be hazardous if inhaled even by accident. Along with that at households while using pesticides as well face should be covered appropriately. Breathing problems while using chemicals is not something very new. Thus, use chemicals at the place with proper ventilation.

Your eyes are precious

You may have witnessed fumes coming out of chemicals; such fumes are highly toxic for eyes. They may cause unnecessary tears and irritation in the eyes. These don’t mean that eyes are out of danger if there are no fumes. Accidents don’t come with a warning; this means that a fume less chemical can also reach your eyes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use goggles or protective glasses. These may ensure that no toxic substance will get in eye’s contact and result in injury.

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