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Is your family academic and has that helped you?


Edhi Mehtra

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The family academic background has a significant impact on the development and future of their children. Various studies have revealed that the children of the parents with a better educational background are raised much better than the parents who are less educated or not educated at all. 

 Why well-educated parents can raise a good child?

 1. Parents who are well educated will have a good career which leads to better financial condition. These parents will always try to provide quality resources to their children from every aspect of life starting from a good school to all the necessities required for the child. 

 2. Whether employed or not, well-educated parents will always have a progressive and advanced mind. Their way of thoughts, outlook towards everything around the world will be full of intelligence. These create a direct impact on the children and later the children will also start to think like them.

 3. Well-educated parents prefer to stay in a healthy environment where the neighbors will also more or less belong to the same class or background. As a result, the social development of children will also find a better approach. 

 4. Family academics also have a significant impact on the cognitive and mental development of children. These parents are well aware of the outcomes of various situations of life and can help their children in identifying what is good or bad for their survival. Even if they make mistakes, their parents can describe them well about how to proceed further and avoid the same mistakes. It has been seen that educated parents are more prone to be authoritarian parents which is the best form of parenting. 

 5. Nowadays, most of the Grade A schools take not only the interview of the children but also the parents as well. The reason is that they want to know whether the parents are able to take care of the academic side of the children or not. Well-educated parents can smoothly go through all these procedures, and thus the children can quickly get their entrance test passed for such a quality based school.

 6. Parent's academic background help the children in developing motivation, self-esteem, attitude, personality, and confidence. These children get full attention from their parents. They are not victims of absenteeism, break off studies, aggression, etc. They are highly attentive in schools and focus a lot on their excellent results and future. 

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