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Is it possible to completely automate an agricultural farm?

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Andrea Vurlow

Living life on my own terms

The population is rising rapidly and the need for organic food too. In this situation, when there is a shortage of labor, and it is hard to obtain more yield from agricultural farms, automation seems the right choice. Now the question arises that can we completely automate the agricultural farms. Yes, there is a probability of complete automation, but it needs the precision of agricultural data to perform the tasks accurately. Agricultural automation is possible with the help of the following technologies.

  • Use of robots: Technology is continuously improving, and the time is not far when robots will be used to perform all the farming tasks. They would work for day and night. All the tasks from sowing to cultivation would be performed by these robots. At present, some robots are helping their lords in the agricultural field, and complete automation is possible in the near future.

  • Drive fewer tractors: Idea of drive less tractor is amazing, and this technology is under consideration too. Although human efforts will be required initially for software operations and creating maps and boundaries it will be proved very beneficial for the farms.

  • Weeding and crop maintenance: Weeding and crop maintenance is a big task that greatly needs automation. Some robot prototypes have been created, but in the future, there will be perfect robots that will perform this hard task for the farmers.

  • Drones: In the field of agriculture, the use of drone technology cannot be ignored. You can find the real-time applications of this technology. Farmers can survey their crops, livestock, and they can know the exact condition of crops with the help of this technology.

So with the help of these points, we come to know that complete agricultural automation is possible and we are hoping to have a future where robots will be used for performing these hard tasks accurately.


Poonam Sharma

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We cannot deny the fact that the automation is increasing and we are moving towards a future of automation. It is changing how people perform their jobs and their daily tasks. It has not just replaced the role of humans but has enhanced the way our lives operate and the way we work. From defense to our own homes, the use of automated machines and equipment is everywhere. It is also embracing the field of agriculture.

The technology has not just changed our lives. It has altered farming practices too. It has played a significant role in the development of the agricultural industry.

Automation has changed everything about the traditional practices of farming. It has helped in making the farms more efficient and has developed the crop production cycle.

Automation is a never-ending quest as it helps in increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Drone Technology – Drones are being used to survey crops, land, and livestock. With the use of drones, it is easier to survey these crops at any time. The farmers can also be using drone technology to track the health of crops which helps in the detection of the risks such as pest infestations.
  • Advanced Technology and a group of robots  Robotics is an emerging part of technology, and the robots are replacing the role of the farmer in the field. In many parts of the world, robots are contributing to growth and productivity in farming. Many companies such as AGCO, John Deere, and CNH Industrial have developed driverless tractors which is another great invention in the field of agriculture. The use of robotics in agriculture can also help in addressing the harvesting problems and can be used to automate various processes.

Agriculture is changing rapidly, and the increasing use of technology has already changed the modern farming techniques. In this era of smart farming, following are some of the technological changes that we can observe:

  • Robotic Labour
  • Driverless tractors
  • Automatic watering and Irrigation systems
  • Seeding and planting is done with machines
  • Machines and robots are being used to remove weeds and maintain crops
  • High-tech farms
  • Autonomous tractor technology helps in completing the harvesting in a limited period
  • Drones for imaging and planting
  • Planting from the air
  • Use of sensors in the field
  • Crop spraying
  • Real-time monitoring

All these technologies are used today in farming. We can say that these modern techniques have reduced the labor work and increased the overall yield. The technology is advancing day by day, and we can conclude that it is possible to automate an agricultural farm completely.

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