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Is it difficult to be a UX designer?


Peter Chokshi

Come what may

In the past few years, the field of UX Designing gained handsome popularity, but with the increased popularity, the hurdles also started amplifying. Most of the problems in UX Designing are overlooked and underestimated. In this module, we’ll be discussing the challenges faced by UX designers and how much difficult UX designing is actually. But before hopping into the main theme, let us define UX Designing.

UX designing represents User Experience designing, it focuses on enhancing the overall user satisfaction by improving usability, desirability, and accessibility, concerned with an IT product. 

Challenges faced in UX designing   

  • Lack of understanding

The main concern of the UX designers is to make a product that ensures complete user satisfaction. They perform various tests on the user’s demands and requirements and then design the product accordingly. But the expectations vary from user to user and on the particular situation in which the product is being tested. Moreover, different users have different goals and the same product can be used in different modes, and hence, results and user-satisfaction may vary.

Apart from this, once you finish your wireframes and sketches and present the same to the stakeholders, and if they fail to understand the real essence of it, then it leads to improper communication. This will gain generate several problems in the workspace.

  • Unalignment of the designers and developers

UX designers focus on developing a product by making it aesthetically pleasing, whereas the UX developers are mainly concerned with everything that’s technically feasible. Both designers and developers go hand and in, and they complete each other. If there’s a gap between the ideas of the designers and developers, then it might cause some serious issues, affecting both the product and the working environment.

  • Time-Run

Conducting the research on the market and the clients to gather data about their demands and requirements are the basic steps in UX designing. But most of the time, due to lack of time and budget, the designers skip this crucial step, which can generate loopholes in the finished product.

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