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Is email marketing still more effective than social media marketing?


Zacharia Chakko

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With the amazing success of social media marketing in the last few years' time, the age-old email format may look outdated to many. But no one can deny the truth. The reality is that email marketing proved to be much more powerful when compared with the past.

 In spite of the huge advancement made by new technologies, email managed to remain one of the successful channels of digital marketing for establishing awareness, boosting conversion and acquisition.

In short, we can say that Social media marketing does appear in the future, while email marketing is actually a tried as well as true approach.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of social media marketing (SMM) and email marketing (EM)


1.    You will get a chance to expand the reach and increase the audience base

2.    SMM offers a higher rate of engagement

3.    Scope to connect with the audience several times in the day without even disturbing them

4.    SMM has the potential to go viral

5.    SMM is considered excellent for branding

6.    SMM offers a clear idea about audience behavior and interest

7.    Scope to publish interesting content to a targeted audience of your choice


1.    You may create segment-wise lists and also remarket to potential customers.

2.    Scope to run A/B testing to discover what nature of messaging will work best for you.

3.    It’s hard to beat the rate of investment generated by email marketing

4.    EM offers a higher rate of click

5.    EM offers a higher rate of conversion

6.    EM is much cheaper compared to SMM

When you compare the advantages offered by both you can get an idea that you need both to ensure the success of your business promotion.

Many industry experts agreed to the fact that using EM operations is undoubtedly one of the ideal ways to attract new audience towards your business website.

Against every $1 invested in email, you will get $40 ROI.  This means on average it is 4,000% of your return.

Social media is best when the need is to drive traffic to your website which can be done organically viral content, or even by making payment for the social media ads. Email marketing is considered outstanding at the time of generating leads, pushing sales and to enhance customer retention.

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