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How would you define quality content for content marketing?

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Zacharia Chakko

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The 21st century witnessed some of the greatest advancements in the marketing sphere. In this article, we’ll discuss the various traits that define the quality content for content marketing. 

  • Data Type
    The quality of content is determined mainly the type of data it contains. Data is the only key that will decide whether your content is highly engaging (Unicorn) or lowly engaging (Donkey).

  • Unicorn Content
    Unicorn Content is a highly interactive content that ranks among the top 3% in Search engines like Google. Unicorn data is responsible for attracting a larger mass and turning them into potential clients.

  • Donkey Content
    Donkey Content is a low engaging content that falls to the remaining 97% of the content.

The Unicorn Contents have around 6 times more CTR (Click-Through Rates) than Donkey Contents.

  • Achievements in Marketing Objectives
    When your content meets all your marketing objectives, then your content is Quality Content. A quality content achieves all marketing goals and in turn generate traffic, convert a number of the audience into potential clients, generate rankings and conversations, etc.

  • Ranking in Google
    When your content ranks very well in Google, then you are dealing with quality content. Two important factors which determine the rank are

    • CTR: 3% increase/decrease in the CTR, will increase/decrease your rank by one.
    • Dwell time: Dwell time is the duration for which the audience is engaging with your content.
    • Integration with Social Media: A quality content integrates with social media which helps in attracting a larger mass of audience. The content should be highly engaging and should trigger strong emotions among the audience.
  • Conversion Rate
    When you’re able to convert a larger mass of audience into your potential clients using your content, then such content can be termed as quality content. The brand affinity plays an important role in increased conversion rate.

  • CTR
    Quality Content helps in achieving a higher CTR which in turn increases your overall Quality Score. Higher the Quality Score, lesser the price you’ll have to pay for your ads and higher is it’s appearance rate, and vice versa.

Quality Content acts as the foundation for the Content Marketing industries. Better the Quality Content, higher is the conversion rate which in turn increases the overall revenue of a company.


Fahmida Khatoon

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