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How will you invest if you get 1 crore rupees by chance?


Supriya Daanish Thakur

Take the risk or lose the chance

You may be trying heart and soul to earning money and what makes you more conscious is the way you want to invest or save your money for the future. There may be some day when you have a total of Rs 1 crore, and you want to spend that massive amount in such a way so that you can get the maximum return and output in the future. Here are the best options for you to invest and increase your 1 crore rupees. 

It is always a good idea to divide your money into various types of investments instead of depending on only one particular type.

1. The stock market or mutual fund is a great way to invest and increase your money if you are confident to take some risk and wait for the long run. Like the time you find better revenue in the stock market, invest your money in that time. The same theory can be followed in mutual fund investment too. The economy of a country is always better after the long term, and as a result, you can earn an increased amount of money or at least do not face loss. Keep patience and you this can be a great idea.

2. If you are quite bold and confident in dealing with a business, then one of the great idea to invest your money is to open your own business or a firm where you can gain profit. But, be very definite while choosing your business field and make research well. You need to follow these three factors before opening your business: Current market demand and value, competition level, your knowledge and ability to serve for the business and how that business can earn you better profit by minimum investment.

3. Another best way to invest your money is to invest in the real estate; which not only provides you with an option to spend but also a resource. That you can utilize in the best way like engaging rents, business, etc. Real estate may be in the form of land or infrastructure and try to buy it in an outskirt area where future development is expected. On the resale of real estates after a long time, that will provide you with a double return. Thus before investing in the real estate always go for some factors like location, weather, facilities, mode of transport and how it can value your return while you plan for a resale.

4. If you want to choose an investment plan free from risk, then fixed deposits through banks can be the best option for you. There are many categories of fixed deposits. Try to go for a compound fixed deposit where the sum of money goes on increasing with the increased rate of interest. You can get a return of a considerable amount through compound interest. 

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