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How will nanotechnology and artificial intelligence impact the development of future computers?


Ganesh Lala

All by myself

We live in a world dominated by technology. Technology is created by humans, but we are driven by technology. Two of the hi-tech technologies in today’s time is artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. With the use of this advanced technology, we can create wonders, and that is exactly what the experts are trying to do.

It is expected that nanotechnology and artificial intelligence is going to make a great impact on the development of computers in the future.

  1. Nanotechnology is likely to result in smaller and faster computers than the ones that we are using today. Smaller transistors will help more sophisticated and complex features to be loaded into the products. This, as a result, will help the computers to run safer and faster. In short, nanotech is expected to enhance your overall computer using experience.
  2. The silicon transistors used in your present-day computers are soon going to be replaced by transistors made of carbon nanotubes. However, there is still a long way to go.
  3. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science. The main purpose of AI is to turn into super-intelligent machines. With the help of AI, we can design computers that are way advanced than the ones we use today. These computers will be designed in a way so that they can reduce the workload for humans.
  4. AI can be used effectively to design expert systems that are going to be super intelligent. They will act and behave intelligently. Not just that, but they will also be able to solve complicated problems as well.

In short, nanotechnology and AI together is expected to make super hi-tech and intelligent computers in the future.

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