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How useful is content marketing?

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Raj Mouli

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Content marketing can be defined as a  strategic form of marketing approach which gives importance to creation and distribution of valuable, informative, relevant, as well as consistent content for attracting and retaining a clearly identified pool of audience — and drives profitable action from the customer end.

When the decision is to popularize the brand you own by providing all users with sufficient answers to targeted questions across the web, content marketing is capable enough to create a commanding impact. This method gives enough attention towards the creation as well as dissemination of the valuable and consistent content with some specific goals.

There are several benefits that a business can enjoy by making the application of content marketing techniques. Below are few among them.

1. Helps in enhancing the percentage of Organic Visibility (SEO) and also increases traffic. The major reason behind the same is that content makes effort to improve organic visibility, both directly with the use of long tail keywords as well as indirectly by supporting the main category, product and service level pages having supplementary information in and around the niche topics.

2. Improve the reputation of the brand by building customer trust with the use of content marketing. One major feature which clearly shows the role and advantage of content marketing is its quality of reputation building through quality content. In the complicated digital business world, it’s vital that the businesses should work towards building trust with prospective leads and existing customers. With the establishment of trust, it can also support the business towards establishing an impressive brand reputation.

3. Content is capable enough to activate a sense of curiosity and encourage delivering certain actions on behalf of users and is designed keeping in mind the user’s emotions. 

4. By keeping a track on the particular content and how successful it is, you will get the scope to know more about the consumers of the company. It actually gives advantage to the brands which are making heavy investment in the content marketing – and having expertise in marketing automation tools as well as CRM.

5. Shows creditability to the search engines.  Apart from the users who value credibility, the search engines also do so. This is one of the major features which search engines take into consideration for rewarding such companies which can demonstrate their professionalism, command as well as reliability via their site.


Humaira Shah

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Airtract Laila Sheikh -

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