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How to write SEO content for website?


Shirley Barro

Success is not for the lazy

In the world of Social media and content management, SEO is one of the most important factors which should be kept into concern. For developing your website and giving reach to the maximum number of people, you need to create various unique articles and blogs every day on multiple topics. A crucial part of content management is to share those blogs and articles to a maximum number of people through various social media platforms. But, this becomes quite difficult if you do not care for the SEO factor for your contents. If your blogs are more SEO friendly, then your website will rank at the top in a search engine. SEO is very important for the growth and popularity of your site. But, most of the people are not aware of how to write SEO contents for the website. Here are some tips for you:

1. The first thing which you need to study and analyze are keywords. Keywords are such words or small phrases which are typed by the users to search for information through search engines. There are certain Keyword Searching Tools where you can find out the most searched keywords by the users. Make researches on keywords and try to make a list of keywords.

2. Your work is not complete with the studies on keywords. What you need to do is to use those keywords in your contents. Your selected keywords should be there in your topic title, sub-title, introduction, body, and conclusion. The more you use the keywords, the more your content will become user-friendly.

3. Content size plays a vital role in SEO. Long sized contents with a maximum number of keywords rank more than short sized contents. Contents more than 1500 words limits are good for SEO.

 4. Topic selection is again another important factor for SEO content. If there is a situation where you are doing researches on keywords and writing extended contents using the keywords, but on those topics which are searched by very few numbers of people, then it is of no use. Select to write on those topics which are extensively examined. 

 5. Keep on analyzing your content click baits and bounce rates after the publishing of your content. This will help you to improve your SEO knowledge and experience. You can have a better idea on the lacunas, what to change, what to do more, etc. 

 6. SEO deals a lot from some technical ground as there are a lot of works like keyword optimization, domain mitigation, programming, cms developing, etc.. If you are not a technical professional, then it’s very necessary to take the help of technical experts. 

7. Share your contents more in the Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as these help them to reach to a maximum number of people. This is also an excellent factor for SEO.

8. Though Wordpress is the best platform for blogs, yet if you find it to be too costly then there are many free online PR tools for you to write contents. Use these tools as they are very important for your SEO optimization.

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