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How to write effective email marketing content?


Nilima Maheshwar

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Email is the most popular method of online promotion of a product. Several tonnes of emails are generated every day to attract a wider audience and turn them into potential customers. 

But to attract the audience and then turn them into regular customers, the content of the emails has to be unique and powerful. The emails have to be designed beautifully and have to be eye-pleasing, as well the content should be based upon the requirements of the customers. Considering email growth hacks can also help in improving your reach. 

Below we’ve mentioned a few prime points that you need to consider for making your emails effective among the audience.

  • The first impression
    The first impression is the most crucial factor for your emails to be opened and read by the audience. That is why you first need to ace the subject line. A killer subject line can be the deciding factor whether your audience will be dazzled or “Nah not interested.”

  • Acing the preview text
    The preview text is a brief introduction to the contents of your text. This also becomes a deciding factor for your emails to be opened and read by the audience. Hence, the preview text has to be crafted beautifully to attract a larger crowd and turn them into potential clients.

  • Crafting the main body
    Once you’ve aced the preview text, now its time for you to craft the main body. Maintain a logical structure and write shorter sentences which are easier for the audience to read and remember.

  • Limit the use of Capital Letters and exclamation marks
    You need to limit the use of capital letters and the use of exclamation marks in your email. The more you use capital letters, the more it will be called online shouting and the higher use of exclamation marks increases the chances of getting your emails reported as spams.

  • Framing based on the audience
    Your audience is your utmost priority. All your emails should be created based upon the requirements of your audience.

  • Use simple and understandable language
    While framing your emails, use simple and easily understandable language. Avoid the use of complex sentences to avoid any confusions.

  • Playing with psychology
    Use psychology in your emails to make them more effective. For example;
    1. Use of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
    2. Use of Proper Colours
    3. Use of relatable pictures and graphics

  • Proper Alignment
    Once you have generated your mail, now it's important for you to align both your email copy and subject line copy, to establish relevancy in your generated email.

Once you’ve generated your email keeping the points mentioned above in mind, test out your email by sending it to a smaller mass and analyze the feedbacks and then modify to ensure that your email is reliable and effective for the audience.

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