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How to stop mobile tower installation in a residential area?


Roslin Mary

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India is a highly populated and human rich country with people living in nook and corner of the country. The usage of mobile phones is profuse compared to the population since one person carries more than one phone. Since mobile phones had become so affordable, it is available with even rich and poor. So the mobile service companies are forced to install mobile towers everywhere people are living closely.

But the fact is that due to the extended necessity of internet and mobile service, the service companies started to install towers everywhere regardless of the premises of hospitals, schools, etc. This causes uneasiness and complaints from the side of the public due to their concern in health and mental wellness. The mobile towers hold certain disadvantages compared to the good causes of it.

The procedure to stop the installation of mobile towers on your premises is not a simple task since, as per the Telecom Act of 1996. This act gives the service owners to right to build towers if they can establish a narrow radio signal area subsists.

How to stop mobile tower installation?

  1. Write a request for stopping the mobile tower installation in your area and collect the signature of at least 50 people living on that premise.

  2. Submit the request at Sub District Magistrate or Joint Commissioner of your area and ask to stop the tower installation.

  3. Try to convince them of the issues and problems that may come due to the installation of the tower.

  4. Don't go alone to submit your request. Take some of the people along with you to convince them.

  5. If your request were accepted and studied, the authorities would order the mobile service companies to not to install the tower.

A demo request for inhibiting the mobile tower installation can be viewed here.

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