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How to stay full while dieting?


Arundhati Gopal

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What is flexible dieting?Dieting is the most critical part of good health and maintaining a good body. But dieting never means to stay hungry or to skip your foods. Dieting means to have proper nutrition in an adequate proportion. If you remain hungry for a long time, it will result in fluffiness, and your body will get dehydrated. Thus, it is essential to stay full while you are dieting. Here are some tips to keep full for the whole of the day while dieting.

Morning plan:

  1. Try to take a banana, or a glass full of lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon juice or soaked grams or almonds while you wake up in the morning. These help you to reduce hunger and lose fat quickly. Among these, grams and almonds are full of essential proteins, unsaturated fats and less in calories which are necessary to keep you full.

  2. Workout for a minimum of 15 minutes to warm up your body and make it flexible so that you can have a good metabolism every day.

  3. Be fast to have your breakfast and avoid fast foods. Foods like vegetable oats, brown bread, are very healthy.

  4. Take any one of the seasonal fruit after two hours of your breakfast. You can get two benefits from this method, to stay full and,  get proper vitamins and minerals from this fruit.

  5. Have your lunch before 2 PM daily. Just remember that your meal should contain a properly balanced diet with carbohydrates mainly. Take care of the amount of food you take. Make sure that your lunch quantity is slightly less than your breakfast.

Evening plan:

  1. You may have some craving to eat in the evening. Make sure that whatever you are going to eat should not be excess in calories. Snacks can be best if it contains dry fruits such as nuts, almonds, cashews, etc. Clear soup and smoothies can also be a good option.

  2. A cup of green tea or black tea is the best way to have weight loss. Avoid sugar and even raw salt.

  3. Chewing low-calorie gums can also help you to reduce your hunger.

Night plans:

  1. Don’t be late to have your dinner. The best time for your dinner is before 9 p.m. and eats as less as you can. Remember that dinner is the meal after which you are going to sleep, and your body will remain in a resting position. Taking significant dinner results in fat.

  2. Try to have a night walk for 15 mins after completing your dinner. This helps you in proper digestion.

  3. Drinking plenty of water is also a nice way to stay full for the whole day while dieting.

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