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How to start a lifestyle blog?

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Maria Sweedwon

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Do you have a passion for writing? Nowadays writing has become one of the best professions. If you are highly fond of writing, then there is an enormous scope in blogging articles and letting your blogs to reach out to the masses. There may include various categories of blogs, for e.g., technical blogs, celebrity blogs, pregnancy blogs, etc. Lifestyle blogs are such articles which cover almost all such information which is related to day to day human whereabouts, places of interests, cravings and also health. If you are interested in beginning your career via lifestyle genre of content, then you can gain a massive success as these blogs are always in high demand for people.

How to start a lifestyle blog?

1. Be choosy and classic in topic selection

If you are going to start a lifestyle blog, first explore yourself what are your places of interests or on what topic are you willing to write on. The more you are interested in the topic, the blog will come from the core of your heart. This can make your blog unique and classic. For, e.g., if you enjoy writing on food blogs, then start your topics from that.

2. Paid platforms

Nowadays, various websites are offering their platforms to submit your blogs for free. Though it is worth for money, remember free platforms contain some ads for which people hardly keep their patience to read your blogs. Thus you cannot earn much revenue out of it. So, always go for a paid platform which is popular. You can gain much.

3. Short URL or Domain names

This is one of the most important parts of writing blogs. URL or domain names should be as short as possible and try to use the maximum searched keywords in your URL. This makes it easy for the user to find your blogs.

4. Hyperlinks

As you are writing a blog, don't forget to link to your another related topic. For e.g., if you are writing on an issue “ How to cook Potato French Fries” then put a hyperlink in the middle or at the end of the blog which redirects to the topic “ Are Potato French Fries good for health?”

5. CMS

Building a CMS can help you to track an overall record of your blogs and views. You can find out any information you need to monitor from a CMS.

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Linda Johnson

Everyday is a new day

Every day, we come across different types of blogs, like food blogs, fitness blogs, travel blogs, etc. We know fitness blogs talks about different ways of promoting health, while food blogs bring mouth-watering food recipes for us. But how to define a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a general approach and homogenizes several other niches like food, health, travel, daily grooming, etc., everything which will improve our way of living. A lifestyle blog can also narrate about particular hobbies or interests of an individual, and use them as a profession.

Let us now dive into the central topic of starting a lifestyle blog.

To start a lifestyle blog, you need to carry out the following steps accurately.

  • Selecting the base (or the niche) of your blog
    You need to pick up a niche for your blog, based on your areas of interest and your skills in that particular field. Always follow your passion.

  • Picking up the platform
    After selecting your niche, you need to select the blogging platform. If you’re a novice, then CMS is a good option for you. However, Wordpress tops the chart for the most desired blogging platform.

  • Let’s name it
    After deciding on the blogging platform, now you need to select a suitable name for your domain. Make sure the name is short but catchy, and it should reflect the contents of your lifestyle blog.

  • Theme selection
    Choose a suitable theme for your blog to make it aesthetically pleasing for the readers.

  • Content Planning
    After the initial skeleton is done, plan out the framework for the contents of your lifestyle blog, to make it more informative and methodical.

  • Content Creating
    Work on your content, find ways to make it unique and glaring. Use relevant visuals to make your blog dazzle and to make it stand apart from the crowd.

  • Building up the audience
    Now, its time for you to attract the audience using optimized SEO friendly contents. There are various platforms for promoting your lifestyle blog through SEO and using other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Jenny Johns

Always Happy

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First, you need to think about what your blog is going to focus on. For my blog, I wanted to get away from the typical lifestyle and fashion blogs that usually have a lot of makeup tutorials. My niche was more towards travel (which also helps me achieve my goal), and food review which is something that I am passionate about.My personal approach to blogging is to write about a variety of things throughout the week. I don't want it too look like an old man's diary but instead a mix between both of those approaches. For example, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I would be writing about life as a millennial in New York City; Thursday through Saturday, I would be writing about life in San Francisco; Sunday through Thursday

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