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How to start a human resources consulting business?

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Hina Sohail

Heads up in the clouds

To start with the plan of owning a business on Human Resource you need to be a Graduate along with a certification of a Degree which is related to Human Resource studies like Business Management, Organizational Development, Business Administration, etc. This is the basic requirement for your start-up consultancy. But, is it possible to run a Consulting Business if you are a fresher in the Human Resource related works? Truly speaking, No! Owning a Human Resource Consulting Business may be easier for you, but it can be impossible if you do not gain much experience. However, a Master Degree can even help you to get better opportunities in big companies.

 Now, comes the question of how to start a human resource consulting business.

 1.Constant researches:

Developing a perfect business plan is the basic requirement. Human Resources are related to many areas like time management, business management, personnel management, organizational behavior, strategy and policy development, etc. You need to find out what is your core area of interest and expertise. Along with that, you also need to find to find out whether your interested area has a high demand in the market or not. This step requires a lot of researches as well.

 2. Database building:

A business stands well when there is substantial documentation maintained. Likewise, HR consulting business also needs to follow a secure database where all the client reports, employee credentials, co-founder plans, etc. are recorded.

 3. Clarification of legal procedures:

Starting a new business anyhow needs proper legal proceedings. The next step is to sign an expert civil lawyer and work according to his advice. This may require a lot of paper works and documentation. Make a folder with original documents and keep it safe. Another important documentation process includes tax documentation as well as checking of backgrounds whether you have any criminal records or not. Human Resources business is highly related to sensitivity and confidentiality. Thus, it is not wrong if you are being screened through such a long process.

 4. Decide for a good name:

The first step to start your HR Consultancy is to think for a unique name for your company. For that, you need to study a lot to find out whether you are not making a similar name as another company and if you are thinking for anything which needs to be taken permission from any authorized body, don’t hesitate.

 5. Develop a website:

If your business details, success reports and the names of some favorite clients can be mentioned by developing a personal site you can have a good start with your business. Nowadays, you don’t need much amount to spend on developing a website and maintaining it.

 6. Proper networking:

If you want to be respected and honored by your clients, then you should not be late to join your local Chamber of Commerce or different professional organizations. While running your Consultancy, you would need a small team of employees initially. If you are a member of such organizations, it may help you to find employees as well. Don't forget proper networking is an excellent step to success.

 7. Being a service based business, it is essential for having a proper GST Registration for your business. This will help you to get rid of Tax till you have a turnover of an exceeding amount of Rs 20 lakh in a year. Besides, get sure of your ESI and EPF registration.


Parvez Mehta

Be productive not busy

To start any business, you need to have adequate knowledge about that particular field. Even starting a human resource consulting business requires a lot of research and preparation. To put it in other words, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you jump into action.

Things to do

If you are determined to start your human resources consulting business, here are the steps you need to follow.

1.    At first, you need to determine the reason why you want to open this business. This will help you to figure out what exactly you want to form your business or what you want to achieve. You cannot simply think of a business idea and start it in a day. There has to be some reason behind it.

2.    The next step is to create a business plan. No matter what business you plan to start, it always requires a full-proof plan. Having a plan gives you direction and also help you move toward your goals.

3.    Financial help is one of the main things you need to think about. To set any business, you need first to decide your cash flow. For example, whether you have enough capital or you need to borrow a loan. After all, you cannot open a business without financial help.

Opening up a human resource consulting business is not an easy task. Before you get started with the set-up, you need to do thorough research and learn the dos and don’ts of the field in and out. This is to ensure that you get success in your business. You can even take help from someone who is experienced.

Now that you know the essential steps to open your own human resource consulting business, it should be easier for you to get started with it.

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