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How to start a career in Nanotechnology?


Ganesh Lala

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Nanotechnology has become one of the most developing fields in science and technology, with tonnes of new research being added on a regular basis. Nanotechnology has surely revolutionized our entire way of living, starting from improved treatment, to advanced packaging, nanotechnology opened the portal to new discoveries, which will make our lives easier. In this module, we’ll be discussing the necessary ways you need to follow to pursue your career in nanotechnology.

  • Proper Research

    Like any other field, proper research is essential to set up a strong foundation. Look for different institutional bodies which offer courses in nanotechnology and study for the different opportunities which you can avail through your career in nanotechnology.

  • Earning your Bachelor’s/Honors Degree

    To be with you need to earn a bachelor's degree in nanotechnology, or nanoscience, or nanoscale engineering, or in any other outside field like computer science, chemical engineering, etc. During the course of the study, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and even some fundamentals of biology.
    Alternatively, you can opt for an honors degree in the following fields to enter the file of nanotechnology;     
      a) Molecular biology
      b) Physics  
      c) Chemical biology

  • Update your skills
    In this harsh competition and oversaturated market, if you want to survive, then you need to keep yourself updated with the changing trends. Some of the skills you need to master are:    
      a) Numerical skills
      b) Computational Skills
      c) Logical and reasoning skills
      d) Operation Monitoring
      e) Critical Thinking
      f)  Equipment Maintenance
      g) Troubleshooting
      h) Time Management   
    And many such relevant skills.

  • Applying for a Master’s course
    Once you’ve successfully completed your Bachelors/Honors degree, you can apply for a masters course like:    
      a) M.Sc in nanotechnology
      b) M.Sc in Nanoscience and Technology
      c) M.Tech in nanotechnology
      d) M.Tech in Material Science and nanotechnology

  • Application Time
    Once you’ve mastered the necessary skills and successfully earned your degrees, its time for you to showcase your skills and apply for jobs at different sectors and institutions and make the most out of it.

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