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How to show love and respect to your parents?


Mary E Graham

Simplicity is the key to happiness

Parents spend their whole lives and patience for the proper upbringing of their children and expect nothing from them in the future. But, being a child of your parents, you should show your love and respect towards them because these are the only two things which they expect from their heart and costs nothing to you. In your day to day lives, you have become so busy with your routines and schedules that you hardly think about how your parents are feeling or how they actually need you or maybe you to feel for them but cannot get that time to express your feelings towards them. It is apparent that you cannot avoid your daily life situations, but you can follow some of the most healthy tips through which you can warmly show your love and respect for your parents.  

1. Parents want to talk to you or want you to listen to their voice. Though you remain busy for the whole day, you can find out some time after your working hours to sit beside them and listen to them what they say. Just try to keep your laptops, phones or any such devices apart from you during that short period. This way you can make them understand that you care for them.

2. You may grow older, but for your parents, you are always a kid. You may have your thoughts or own ways of doing things, but how could it be if you sometimes ask your parents to give some advice or solutions to your problems? Doing this will make them feel respected.

3. If you get an achievement or promotion in your works, don’t forget to share these types of good news to your parents. Not only this. Try to give them their credit as they are the ones who made you grown up. Let them know that whatever you are today are because of them. 

4. Your parents become happier when you show your respect and care for their close friends too. It would be great if you sometimes invite their friends to evening meetups or dinner or speak good about them.

5. Arrogant and harsh behaviors hurt your parents a lot. Never be rough with them. If you have specific situations when you don’t prefer their advice or thoughts, tell them politely and clearly. They will understand you and never make you sad.

6. It took a long time and had struggled to bring you up for what you are today by your parents. Their parenting styles and way of living may differ from other parents. Never compare to complain to them regarding their parenting. There is nothing so hurtful than this behavior. Respect their parenting and them for whatever they did for you. 

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