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How to send a legal notice for divorce?


Qadim Ali

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The process of divorce can be complicated or simple, depending on the kind of divorce they are having. Simplest divorce is mutual consent divorce that is filed by the consent of both husband and wife together since they must have sorted all the issues that might become a hindrance in easy divorce procedures like alimony, maintenance allowance, child custody, etc.

If the divorce is contested divorce, which is filed by one of the spouses, then it is difficult to claim divorce in a short time. The spouse can send a legal divorce notice to the other party expressing his/her intention to commence legal actions against the other party. Since legal notice is a formal notification sent by one person to the other, informing them would a good verdict before taking any legal action.  

Steps to send a legal divorce notice

1. Contact a lawyer who has excellent drafting experiences and professional knowledge in the domain of Divorce Law. 

    • Send a legal announcement for divorce, affirming the details and concerns that are creating an agitation in the marriage of the duo. 

    • Send the notice to the opposite party against whom you filed the matter of grievance. 

    • You can send the notice in English or any other language understandable to both parties. But English is the favored vote for most of the cultured and refined clients.

2. Explain and discuss all the below-mentioned aspects with your lawyer.

    • the names of other people involved

    • addresses

    • dates when engagements were made and not acknowledged

    • difficulties and problems encountered

    • any past attempts at discussion

3. The lawyer then composes the notice in the statutory language where:

    • He/She acutely states the purpose behind sending the notice

    • All former discussions concerning the cause of notice 

    • To offer the opposing party a reasonable time (It will take 15 to 30 days to resolve the issues through consultation and by undergoing the craved action of his clients). 

    • You may send a legal notice to initiate a divorce procedure stipulating a particular time period as per your terms and practicality.

4. The lawyer will approve the notice. It can be sent via registered post, speed post or courier as per your convenience and the acknowledgment is maintained. The lawyer will preserve a copy of the retained notice. 

5.Expect for the opposite party to reply to the legal notice after they have received it. 

The legal notice sent to a wife for a divorce and vice versa, once accepted, cannot be rejected by the accepting party.

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