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How to relieve stress and anxiety?

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Elizabeth T Flanagan

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Stress is an experience familiar to many, irrespective of the kind of work they do or the industry they are in. It can have a massive impact on your confidence level, and sometimes even lead you into more in-depth depression mode, if left unchecked. Here we bring you some tips to help alleviate stress and anxiety every day.

Tips for keeping the stress and anxiety at bay

  • Say no to media

We often think that watching TV or playing video games after a long day at work can help to relieve stress. Research conducted in 2015 showed that people spend nearly 16 hours of their day on TV, smartphone and social media. These options increase the stress level. Like a well-balanced diet, you also need to keep track of your media time and ensure that you don’t overdo it. Try detoxifying yourself of the media, like keeping yourself away from a cell phone for a small period, to get out of this crunch.

  • Healthy and balanced diet

It is quite expected that your food has a role in your stress levels. With too many junk foods ready for consumption, you have to keep a check on what you take. It is not just enough to bring foods that offer the most nutrients you also have to ensure that you avoid those that are harmful. It is found that an increase in caffeine consumption can lead to stress and anxiety. So is the case with alcohol. There are also foods that can help combat stress like dark chocolate, citrus fruits, vegetables, and fruits with Vitamin C and foods with Omega 3 fatty acids such as flaxseeds, walnuts, and fish.

  • Work out daily

Working out doesn’t just keep your body fit, but it is good for your mental health as well. It is found that exercises or activities like running, dancing, yoga, pilates, etc. can help manage the stress level quite amicably. A simple walk around your house or taking the stairs or some simple stretches can help alleviate stress.

  • Relax and sleep

Our body needs as much sleep and relaxation as it requires working out. Do not compromise on your sleep timings and prioritize your health over others. Poor sleep can lead to exhaustion, fatigue and of course stress on your next day work.

Apart from the above, listening to music, taking a drive, chewing gum and many other things can help alleviate stress considerably.

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Mariana Pobornikova

A mother, a wife, a gardener, a pet owner, a consultant

In addition, to the good advice on looking after yourself better, you might also investigate WHY you're feeling stressed and anxious in the first place. Yes, there're some universal things that stress us, like working extra hours, or misbehaving children or the negative news on the TV, yet we must admit that different people react differently to stress, and often people who are more resilient and self-confident stress less about things that are considered too stressful by less resilient people. What I'm trying to say is that everything is a matter of perspective, and we can absolutely change our perspective on the things that stress us.

The key is to start to become more self-aware of how we feel, why we feel that way, what thoughts and inner beliefs lead to us feeling that way, and finding patterns in our personality. The way we react to the world always stems from our inner beliefs, and the way it goes is usually like this: Our inner beliefs > thoughts > emotions > actions > result in life > reinforcing our inner belief.  If we aren't happy with our emotions or reactions, the key is to find what belief/thoughts led to them and replace them. Obviously, it's a long process and it's hard work, but unless we're willing and determined to start this work, we're going to spend the rest of our lives at figuring out how to keep stress at bay, instead of changing our reactions and stopping to stress.

Personal experiece of removing stress and anxiety


Jennifer Brown

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Stress and anxiety is a very common issue that most people suffer from. Today a number of factors are responsible for contributing to causing the issue of stress I people. Living with such condition can be very hard. This is why it is very important to fight the condition the right and effective way. Some of the common ways those are potential in combating the issue of stress in people are-

·         Meditation- This is a great way to calm the person down. It provides mental peace in the person thus helping fight stress in people. So, it is advisable for a person to practice meditation everyday. Doing this for 15 to 20 minutes everyday is very potential in helping fight stress in people.

·         Reduce the caffeine intake

·         Chew gum

·         Listen to music as it helps to relax a person. Choose listening to a relaxing and soothing music helps fight stress the right way.

·         Eat well- It is seen that stress and the food that we eat are closely related. We often forget to have a healthy breakfast and therefore start taking sugary food. This can affect the mental health and mood in people. So, it is recommended for people to eat right and avoid the intake of such junk food.

·         Choosing supplements such as Waklert is very effective in helping fight stress and anxiety. Waklert reviews shows that it targets the brain to help improve the mood and it also relaxes the mind of the people.

·         Sleep well

·         Exercise


Hope Sparks

A bookworm who loves to write!

Anxiety is a natural part of life for some people. It's a side effect of living in a chaotic world. Anxiety, on the other hand, isn't all awful. It raises your awareness of danger, encourages you to keep organized and prepared, and assists you in risk assessment. When worry becomes a daily problem, though, it's time to take action before it worsens. Anxiety that goes unchecked can have a significant negative influence on your quality of life. By having a simple spa day, you can gain control.
Regular exercise is beneficial to both your physical and mental wellbeing. For some people, regular exercise is just as effective as medication in reducing anxiety. And it's not just a quick fix; you can feel less anxious for hours after working out.
Alcohol is a sedative by nature. When your nerves are frayed, a glass of wine or a swig of whiskey may initially help you relax. However, once the thrill has worn off, anxiety may resurface with a vengeance. You may develop alcohol dependence if you rely on alcohol to soothe anxiety rather than treating the cause of the problem.
When people are stressed, they typically go for a cigarette. Taking a puff on a cigarette when you're worried, like drinking alcohol, is a short cure that may aggravate anxiety over time. According to research from Trusted Source, the earlier you start smoking, the higher your risk of getting an anxiety illness later in life. Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarette smoke have also been linked to Alzheimer's disease, according to research.
Caffeine is not your friend if you suffer from persistent anxiety. Caffeine can make you nervous and jittery, which isn't helpful if you're anxious. Caffeine has been linked to the development or worsening of anxiety disorders in studies. People with panic disorder may experience panic attacks as a result of it. Eliminating caffeine from one's diet may help to alleviate anxiety symptoms in some people.

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