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How to raise a child with good manners?


Vaishali P

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Good manners are essential to all kids. When you raise your kids in the right way, they will grow up being considerate of others and being kind. Teaching good manners to your kids must be through actions. You must know that kids learn more by observing. Therefore be a good role model to your kids and use phrases like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ to your kids. Good manners should apply in all sectors including at the table. Table manners are critical whether you are taking breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Here are some guidelines you can use on your kids to ensure that they grow up in the right way. 

Be kind to others 
Teach your kids to be good and helpful to others. Kids relate more when it’s shown through actions, therefore be kind to other people so that your kids can borrow the same from you. Remind them to do to others what they would like to be done to them.

Help your kids understand their actions
When your kids are wrong, other kids or even adults do not keep quiet about it. Talk to them and let them know their mistake. In the beginning, it may be hard but they will learn, and it will be helpful in the future.

Be a good role model
Most parents tell their kids ‘do as I say but not as I do.’ This is a wrong phrase because kids learn by copying their parents. Admit your mistakes when you are wrong, treat people well and apologize. Be respectful even to your kids, and they will replicate the same.

Practice family politeness
Do not become too harsh to your kids for them to understand something. Being too harsh can make them ignorant or even stubborn. Therefore practice talking to them in a polite way and appreciate them when they do something useful. Use phrases like please to them and guide them appropriately.

Practice  thank-you notes
Teach your kids to be thankful for gifts. Teach them how to write thank-you notes after receiving awards. This is very important because it shows kids how to appreciate people.

There are different ways in which you can teach your kids to have good manners. Whether theoretical or practical, the most important thing is to raise your kids in the right direction. 

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