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How to protect intellectual property?

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Pallavini R

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Everyone wants to get paid for whatever efforts they have made. Such is the case with intellectual property. It can be anything like a new invention, design, literature, etc. Intellectual property has a major role in the success of a business. Hence it is crucial to saving it from different threats.

The intellectual property can be protected by following certain steps like -

1. Not filing any patent - It may happen that by filing a patent, your invention is disclosed to others. Hence anyone can copy it and make a similar product. The originality of your creativity will be lost.

2. Division of work - Divide your total work into different parts which are to be completed by different teams. Hence no single team will have access to the total part.

3. Sole entrepreneurship - In a single owned business, secrecy level is maximum. The owner does not need to disclose his ideas and methods to anyone. He has full control over the conduct of the business.

4. Limit exposure - Filing copyrights has become an old technique nowadays. A new and better approach is to keep limit exposure of your ideas and creativity. Digital Rights Management System can also do it. This system has been designed to keep the data safe and secure.

5. Quick adaptability - Today anything can be achieved within a desired span of time. Hence any new thing can become old within a glimpse of time. It is advisable to be adjustable and quick towards new opportunities.

6. Similar domain - It is considered to be among the best methods to protect trademarks. It might seem like a costly thing on that particular moment but will reap out good benefits in the future.

7. Reliable access tool - All creations should be stored in a safe system that can only be accessed by the creator. It should have a good security system like password protection so that no third person can get access to it and misuse it.

8. Different agreements - A creator should indulge in different types of agreement which ensures non-disclosure of the intellectual property. The agreement must contain every single detail regarding the conduct of the business.

9. Getting widely published - It is advisable to publish your creativity and expose it to the world. As patents reflect 'being the first one to file 'and hence it is one of the popular methods of protecting intellectual rights. It is to be done with certain care that the company name should be mentioned along with it. Otherwise, it is of no use.

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Daniel Brian

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