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How to print SMS from android?

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shakib khan

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I have found a solution to how to print SMS from android.  Any cell phone user has definitely effectively gotten a few tens, hundreds, or thousands of SMS everyday. While a large number of them are irrelevant messages, promoting or even spam, some instant messages might be viewed as significant enough that you need to keep or print them. So, you need to print them for a very special reason. There is an application called SMS Easy READER & PRINTER. The first SMS & MMS management app in the world for all smartphones! It's very simple, SMS EasyReader & Printer will allow you to read, sort, classify, search, delete SMS, but also search, save or print them. Thus, by combining the free SMS export application installed on the smartphone with SMS EasyReader & Printer, you can manage all the SMS received from your PC.

you can check this application from here ;  SMS Easy READER & PRINTER

SMS EasyReader & Printer is the application, available in free online.  it is now very easy to export your SMS to then be able to consult, sort, export, or even print them from your PC.SMS EasyReader & Printer also allows you to create conversations (chat), send SMS by email, delete the SMS of your choice, bulk delete spam type SMS

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Shubhanshu Singh

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You can follow these two ways:


This is a simple way and an easy one. But if you need to crop and other then this will be a bit hectic.


Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Droid Transfer and connect your Android device and your PC using either a WiFi or a USB connection.
  2. Choose the "Messages" tab from the feature list.
  3. Select a conversation you wish to print.

Hope this helps :)

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