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How to prepare for maths exam in one day?


Maria Sweedwon

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

 Mathematics is surely a tricky subject involving the use of several nerve-wracking formulas and theorems but if done in proper manner mathematics can be an easy and interesting subject.
Before moving on to the main content of this article, one thing you should keep in your mind. If you haven't opened your maths book a single day before the exam or haven’t paid attention to the things that were taught in the class, then chances are high that you won’t be able to overcome your maths exam in just one day even with all the tricks and tips.

If you have at least paid attention in your class, then the following tips and tricks might save you from failing in the exam!

Sort out the chapters which have the greatest values in terms of marks

In one day it is next to impossible to complete all the chapters in mathematics, considering that some of the chapters like integration, calculus, differentiation take more than a week’s time to understand the basics completely.

After sorting out the important chapters, divide your study time equally for each chapter and then study the theorems and important formulas from them.

After reading the theory part, study all the solved examples and select a  few important examples and solve them again in your copy.

After going through the solved examples, select a few important sums from the chapter and solve them. Don’t solve a lot of sums from a single chapter.

Solving sums from previous years question papers

After practicing sums from the textbooks, solve out sums from the previous year's question papers.

You’ll notice that few o the sums are repeated more often than other types of sums. Make sure you practice those sums thoroughly.

You can do sums from practice papers as well because they are made based on the previous years' question papers only.

Write down all the important formulas chapters, in a single sheet of paper

It's important to revise the important formulas before the exam, and it becomes a hectic job in searching for all the important formulas from the textbooks.

It becomes easier when you write down those formulas in a single sheet of paper, so it saves the crucial times before the exam.

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