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How to manage personal and professional life?


Ajeet Suresh

Grow with the flow

         Due to the advent of technologies and the advancement in work and so much complexity of everything, people now have forgotten to live their lives. Earlier, everyone used to work and also enjoy their lives well as they were no hurry to defeat anyone. Today, in an era of cut-throat competition, everyone thinks of beating his opponent and go ahead at any cost. And when they achieve their goals, they get momentary happiness. After that, they are again filled with emptiness. Today’s world faces such a fierce competition that people get trapped in this competition and could never come out of this. They fail to manage their personal and professional life.

You should take out some time for your own space in which you enjoy being you.  In a busy life, it’s quite challenging to manage the career/academic and personal experience together, and it feels like hectic sometimes. Most people have to admit to their life about school or work life intrude to their relationship. With proper planning, one could easily tackle this problem. The steps involved in one’s preparation should be:

  1. Set priorities: First things first, you should prioritize what is essential for you. You should devote much time to it.

  2. Work while you work play while you play: Another most important thing is to separate the leisure time and the work time.

  3. A fixed schedule:  Life is like a Pareto principle (also called the 80/20 rule). 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. So it can be balanced by fixing a proper schedule of how to spend your time for work and life.

  4. Destroy procrastination: Procrastination is the act of leaving things to be done afterward. This habit should be abandoned as soon as possible.

  5. Learn to say ‘NO': At times you have to reject someone’s proposal for your benefit. You must do it any cost.

  6. Healthy environment: You should create a clean and cluttered free space to enhance your work efficiency.

So, these are the few tips that you can implement right away and tackle this problem of managing personal and professional life.

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