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How to make your resume stand out?


Daryl Christ

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First impression counts and the purpose of a resume is to create your first impression. How you describe and present yourself in your resume creates a vast difference. You’ll never get a second chance. So, you should know the significance of those 2-pages resumes you’ll be sending for the job application. Undoubtedly, it is an essential document. It is your resume only which can help you make a good impression on the recruiter. From the resume alone, the recruiter filters and selects a suitable candidate. 

But catching the eye of the recruiter who is already having a bunch of resumes can be tricky and challenging. However, nothing is impossible. Use the following tips and tricks and make your resume stand out from the crowd and get it noticed.

1. Tailor your resume according to the job description

This doesn’t mean that you have to change your resume. All you have to do is shape your resume following the job you’re applying for. Highlight that particular skill or experience in your resume which has been mentioned in the job description and makes your resume stand out from the competition.

2. Quantify your accomplishments

Numbers are significant indicators and can help you create that impact. For example, if you were in sales, you can use names to tell you about your role. Like what was the budget you managed or how much product you were able to sell. It will help the recruiter to get a brighter image of your skills and can be noted.

3. Avoid excessive underlining or italics

Use a simple font for your resume. Also, avoid excessive underlining or using italics font. Bold only those things which you want to highlight like a particular skill or achievement.

4. Show how you have grown

You can use the summary section to give a detailed description of how you’ve grown over the years and what are the skills you’ve developed.

5. Include job-related interests and hyperlinks

Include hobbies or personal interests that relate to the job you’re applying. Don’t include general things like “watching television." Also, include hyperlinks of your other profiles, writing samples, blog or any project that you have worked on.

6. Add a cover letter

To stand out from the competition, make sure that you add a cover letter and briefly describe your skills.

7. Proofread

Make sure that there are no errors. Always double check before sending.

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