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Some think that personality is an entity with which a person is borne, i.e., an inborn trait; while others believe that it is not an inherent trait, but something which can be developed and acquired. Well, if we look at the meaning of personality, it has been defined that the physical and mental state of a human being by which is identified and perceived is called personality. It is true to some extent that personality is somewhat brought with a birth, but this does not mean that your personality cannot develop later. Each person has unique characteristics and qualities which make him special. But if you are willing to make an attractive personality, you can get it by following some tips.

1. Confidence is the key to an attractive personality. The more you try to behave and think confidently can develop a belief in yourself. A person who has firm control of his/her values and beliefs can acts accordingly and have an attractive personality. 

2. As you know that the personality is a state with which you can be perceived, thus, try to socialize more with the maximum number of people. Socializing increase your outlooks and you tend to be more expressive. This makes your personality attractive. 

3. A person who cultivates leadership skills a lot can easily take the lead of a situation and make out different solutions with a clear and innovative way. This is how people get attracted to your personality and leadership skills. 

4. Learn to use positive gestures and facial expressions while you communicate with people. Your body language is a higher mode of non-verbal communication. A smile is again the best part of your facial expression which helps you to express your confidence and charisma.  

5. Another way to develop your personality and make it attractive is your sense of empathy. If you learn to understand a person by thinking yourself in his place and speak to him accordingly maintaining positive eye contact, you can crack the way to an attractive personality. 

6. Who says that attractive personality can only be seen in extrovert people? Even if you are an introvert, you can make yourself beautiful. The way to look, the way to listen, speak about your deep thoughts, discuss the social causes, etc., can highly light up your personality as well. 

7. Dressing sense focuses a lot on your personality. If you want to be attractive, then be very confident and smart about your choices of outfits and dresses. Study yourself nicely before your dress up and think which type of outfit suits you well and you can carry it smartly. 

8. Another smart way to build an attractive personality is the way you think uniquely and maintain your style. Just avoid copying the style of others and carry your style. Make sure it is not something negative or awkward.

9. A person who is smart, charismatic and confident on one side and again cool and patient on the other hand can gain an attractive personality.  

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