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How to make parenting plan?


Monin Rai

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A parenting plan can be defined as a legal document where two co-parents not staying together and chalk out a legal plan together with mutual consent for the upbringing of their child. The parenting plan needs to be approved by the family court, or it can be an informal document. At the time of drafting the parenting plan, take enough time to decide what way you both want to approach or deal with child upbringing. Whatever be the decision, you take and include in the agreement after personal discussion. A fact to understand is that from time to time you need to amend it with the growing age of your child. To decide the parenting plan you will need some tips to proceed further:

• Get into the kid's shoes:

To plan well you need to become a kid first to analyze the expectations of the kids when they need to shuttle between two homes. They are not habituated with staying away from any of the one parent in their life which they have to do now. Be the kid and try to analyze how will be the daily activities for them before deciding the parenting schedule.

• Decide on the travel logistics:

If both of you are planning to give go amount of time to the kids then ensure you select accommodations close to each other so that transportation becomes easy and non-hectic.

• Children view to be taken:

If your kids are bit grown, take their suggestion in drafting the parenting plan. In case they are small enough to understand the complexities of such a legal process, keep them away as parents can judge alone and take the best decision. Don’t forget to consider the needs of the child while penning the plan.

• Medical and health care:

 You need to plan for the medical and health care needs of the child. The plan or agreement should explain how parents will make payment for medical costs and medical insurance benefits will be made available for the children.

• Kids traveling or relocation with any parent:

The agreement should clearly mention how much time for vacationing with children each parent will get annually. It should also include the provisions in terms of traveling as well as relocating with the child.

• Communication method:

Communication methods that the parents will utilize to communicate with the kid, with regard to his decision and also with their need to be included in the agreement should be clarified.

The above are a few tips on how to make parenting plans.

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