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How to make dieting easier?


Shakeel Shihad

Progress over Perfection

When a person thinks of dieting, he or she may feel enthusiastic at first. But, it becomes quite confusing while starting with the dieting plans. There are many ways to plan your diet. And it is more important to plan a flexible diet according to your health as well as the body. Plan your diet efficiently that you stay full even while dieting. Here are some tips which will help you understand how to make your dieting easy.

  1. First, have a clear idea about the calorie of the foods you take. Try to have such foods that have high nutritional value but low calories. To start with breakfast, you can try for oats, vegetable salad, brown bread, soup, etc. Never skip your meal as it can result to fluffiness and ill health.

  2. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables as this helps you to gain a lot of fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Include carrot, cucumber, and tomato in your diet plan regularly.

  3. Use a small plate while having your lunch and dinner. This is a psychological process to reduce the amount of food intake.

  4. Though the present generation people tend to eat faster within a short time, it has been proven that eating slowly for a minimum of half an hour can reduce your weight quickly. If you eat slowly, your body gradually reaches its fullness, and you can have less food at a time. At the same time chew your food properly.

  5. Drink plenty of water and water-rich foods to keep your body hydrated.

  6. If you feel hungry or crave for a snack, you can try dry fruits, smoothies filled with fruits and low fat, sugar-free fruit juices, soup, oats biscuits, etc.

  7. A routine of having soaked grams or nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc. is one of the best and easiest ways to dieting. This is a wrong concept that nuts increase fats. Nuts are considered as those essential unsaturated fats which are low in calorie and keep you full for the whole day.

  8. While dieting, take some amount of high protein food like chicken, fish, egg, and milk once a day. Avoid red meat like mutton, beef, pork, etc.

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